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Background information about this website (DaveClark5.com), and on the rock n' roll band, the Dave Clark Five.

The Dave Clark Five with their Gold Albums.

Reelin' and Rockin'

By the Dave Clark Five
(Stream from SoundCloud)

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Terms & Conditions Agreement

The DaveClark5.com website was setup as a free informational online resource in honor of the rock & roll band from Tottenham, London, that along with the Beatles, spearheaded the British Rock & Roll invasion in the USA. 

The terms and conditions of using this free website are non-negotiable.  You must agree to all of these terms in order to utilize this website in any way.  

The act of using this website consitutes an agreement with this contractual document, without exception.

Although this website uses information that is publicly available, its use on this website does not release anyone from any Copyright issues, Trademark infringements or other intellectual property concerns.  Therefore, we strongly urge you not to reuse any images, music or video used on this website without expressed permission from the source.  In many cases, that will be easy to get (soundhound, YouTube, etc.).

However, the textual copy and the arrangement of content and other materials on this site constitute my own Copyright as per my own site design, my indepth research, my particular arrangement of the materials presented, and even my own textual copy.

You are welcome to cite this website as a resource in your own research and resulting works, as long as you put it in your own words and cite this website as an online resource used for your work, with a link back as a credit. 

Because this is a free website, because I spend my own money and what little spare time I have on it, I have to require that no one hack it, for real.  I've been hacked before and it is no fun.  The whole website becomes useless and disappears.  What sense is that?

Another aspect of concern for everyone is privacy.  Use of this website requires that you also agree to our Privacy Policy.  That document outlines what info we collect, what we do with the info, and how we protect it.

So, all I am doing is asking everyone to be civil, use the website as it is meant to be used, for information and entertainment, and allow life as usual to continue.

If you cannot agree to this simple request, you are required to leave this website immediately.  You have overstayed your welcome, already.

 I don't excpect many to take issue with this document, but if you do, you are encouraged to contact me about it.

Should you take exception to any of the material used on this website, or you have any issues with these terms and conditions, or our privacy policy as it is presented, you are welcome to contact me, Doug Peters, the site administrator, through the website contact form to discuss the issue.

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