Privacy Policy Statement

Information about collecting information.  This document outlines what information we collect, how this website ( collects this data, what you can do to avoid the collection of data, what we do with it, and how we protect it,

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Privacy Policy Statement

The website was setup as a free informational website in honor of the rock & roll band from Tottenham, London, that along with the Beatles, spearheaded the British Rock & Roll invasion in the USA.

Due to security concerns from the the threat of existing in cyberspace, to remain a free website we have to take certain precautions concerning the features we make freely available on the website.

Some of those features include streaming sound or video, a functional contact form, and other applications which may add more features may be added.

However, we are very concerned about our privacy as well as the privacy of our users.  Because of this concern, we deliberately collect as little data as possible.  Most data that is collected is through the use of cookies that are employed by third parties.  

Examples of the use of cookies are when you use the streaming services, soundcloud or YouTube may use cookies to identify your client browser should it need to reconnect your stream.

We also use Google Analytics in order to research the traffic generated to the site, through the site, and where it might go from here.  Analytics employs its own cookie in order to accomplish that research with the data provided from each visitor.

Cookies do not use personal information, they simply uniquely identify your browser as a single client and track your links into, through and away from this website.

If you are concerned, you may disable support for cookies in your browser, clean out your cookies, and even wipe away your history of ever visiting this site.  

However, should you contact me, the website administrator, I would need your personal information in order to contact you with a reply.

As I add more features in the future, such as a forum or newsletter, you would have to divulge some of your personal online contact information for such a subscription to a service to function, as well.

Although I personally deliberately collect as little data from this website's visitors as possible, I do welcome contact and intelligent discussion.  Because that does require that you release to me some of your personal information, I try to guard it and keep it safe.

I will never use your personal contact info to spam or harrass you.  I will not even divulge it outside of my business network.

Furthermore, I will not give your personal contact info or any data you release to me in the course of doing business or in conversation away to anyone. I will not sell it, rent it, lease it or jeapordize it in any way.

Your personal contact information and any personal private information you divulge to me is safe and secure with me.

Thank you for reading up on the Privacy Policy of this site. 

Should you take exception to any of the material used on this website, or want to discuss the terms and conditions of using our website, including any concerns regarding our privacy policy, you are welcome to contact me, Doug Peters, the site administrator, through the website contact form.

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